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Zaland Champions


Aust Ch Zaland Jewelovthamountn - Brooke 

Aust Ch Zaland Star ov Jordan - JJ 

Aust Ch Zaland Rumour Has It - Rhianna 

Aust Ch Zaland Champagne on Ice - Bindi 

Aust Ch Zaland Iflookscouldkill - Bella 

Aust GRAND Ch Zaland Chanellnumbafive - Chanel 

Aust Ch Zaland Divine Providence - Jazz 

Aust Ch Zaland Thats Gold - Reece 

Aust Ch Zaland Divine Intuition - Diva 

Aust GRAND Ch Zaland Chamber of Secrets - Morgan

Aust Ch Zaland Sp Agent Caitlin Todd - Kate

Aust Ch Zaland Odo Divine - Billy 

Aust Ch Zaland Tell It Like It Is - Kade 

Aust Ch Zaland Taylor Maid in Oz - Taylah

Aust Ch Zaland Theydid Myhair Forthis - LÓreal

Aust Ch Zaland Lock Up Your Daughters - Lochie

Aust SUPREME Ch Zaland It Only Takes One - Rory

Aust GRAND Ch Zaland Nauti N Nice - Suzie

Aust GRAND Ch Neuter Ch Zaland Let Your Hair Hang Down - Evie

Aust Ch Zaland Dolce And Gabbana - Kye

Aust SUPREME Ch Zaland Forensics Abby Sciuto - Abby

Aust Ch Zaland Spec Agent Kensi Blye - Kensi

Aust Ch Zaland Track Rolling - Dozer

Aust Ch Zaland Special Agent Ziva David - Ziva

Aust Ch Zaland Eurovision - Emma

Aust SUPREME Ch Zaland Bourne Supremacy - Jason

Aust Ch Zaland Enchanted Eden - Eden

Aust Ch Zaland Supreme Ruler - Joshi

Aust Ch Zaland In Rehab at Chanceinn (export to UK) BIS winner at 9 months - Stan

Aust Ch Zaland Academy Award - Oscar

Aust Ch Zaland Its A Kind Of Magic - Maggie

Zaland Black Is The New Gold - Jett

Aust Ch Zaland Black Velvet - Hannah

Aust Ch Zaland Snap Out Of It - Chase

Zaland Control Agent EightySix - Max

Zaland The Clock Strikes One - Striker


Dogs Shown and/or Titled for Others


Lhasa Apso - Aust Ch Babanga Hapenny - Lucy

Lhasa Apso - Aust Ch Babanga Dolamite - Sootie

Lhasa Apso - Aust Ch Babanga Hot Chili Pepper - Chili

Dalmatian - Aust Ch Blairwick Southern Cross - Jackson

Dalmatian - Aust Ch Delrei Picture Perfect - Meika

Lhasa Apso - Aust SUPREME Ch Nahemja Odo Hirsch - Jordan

Lhasa Apso - Nahemja Elfin Phillipe - Elfin

Lhasa Apso - Aust Grand Ch Nahemja Miss Loopiola - Lily

Tibetan Spaniel - Aust Ch Parkwell Against the Odds - Omen

Lhasa Apso - Aust Ch Methusela Theenchantress - Paris

Lhasa Apso - Barphon Control Agent (Imp UK) - Max

Portuguese Water Dog - Aust Ch Arcticpalace Oceans Eleven - George

Lhasa Apso - Aust SUPREME Ch English Ch Kutani Secret Agent (Imp UK) - James

Lhasa Apso - Aust Ch Chanceinns Lady Luck (Imp UK) - Hayley

Lhasa Apso - Aust Ch Yangadoos Yet Another Angel (Imp Swe) - Lotta

Schipperke - Aust GRAND Ch Monterrez Star Quality - Sophie

Papillon - Emmoge Come Ride My Tractor - Tractor

Pug - Kabova Storm Ryder - Ryder

Neokarma Hell Hath No Fury - Chloe

Papillon - Aust Ch Emmoge And Now Its Dave - Dave

Pug - Clarevale Innocent Tears - Ikea

Portuguese Water Dog - Aust Ch Arcticpalace Oceans Twelve - Clooney

Portuguese Water Dog - Aust Ch Arcticpalace Oceans Eight - Daphne

Pug - Pickapug Key to My Heart - AK

Pug - Troycole Hot in Herre - Nelly



Jordan - Aust Supreme Champion Nahemja Odo Hirsch

19 Best in Show's

19 Runner Up Best in Show's

1 Best in Show Specialty

100+ Best in Group's

James - Aust Supreme Ch Eng Ch Kutani Secret Agent (Imp UK)

3 Best in Show's

5 Runner Up Best in Show's

1 Runner Up Best in Show Specialty (to Jordan)

20 Best in Group's

17 Runner Up Best in Group's


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