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The Cure

Original article written by Dee Vagenas, with additions made by Frances Sefton.  
Reprinted from Lhasa Apso Club of NSW newsletters.

Treatments for skin ailments have become so sophisticated that they have lost their effectiveness in many cases.  It is a heartbreak and a disaster when a beautiful show dog mysteriously goes from floor length hair to near baldness while being tested for allergies and undergoing expensive treatments.

The following are true stories.  Our vets are yet to accept the facts. I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

Case 1 - Several years ago we returned to the US from a delightful two year tour in England, bringing five Yorkies home with us.  During a two week visit with my parents, one of the pups began to scratch wildly and lost hair in large patches.  We rushed her to the vets where she was given a shot to stop the itching, while tests could be run for allergies, mange etc.  The itching subsided but the fallout continued.  More pills, more shots, special shampoos, ridiculous vet bills - all to no avail.  She was rapidly going bald and her skin was thickening and turning blue-grey and flaky.  Soon all our dogs had it.  Tests showed no allergies, no mange.  It was a mystery.  My husband came to the rescue.  He remembered a skin problem the British called "Harvest Bugs" (unknown to US vets), which could be cleared up quickly, easily and inexpensively with a simple old-fashioned remedy.  Within a week after application all our dogs had new hair growth, no itching and their skin returned to normal.  Within a month, all were cured and we only had to wait for the hair to grow again.

Case 2 - A friend of mine called up in hysterics one day.  Her Dachsy had reddish-brown spots all over her stomach and was scratching herself raw.  I told her about the Cure and within 48 hours the dog was normal again.

Case 3 – My parents took a boat trip with their dogs, stopping at spots in the deep woods of Florida for picnics.  When they returned their Poodles were scratching and biting themselves insanely.  Close inspection revealed some very tiny parasites and lice had found new homes.  We performed the Cure and in 48 hours their dogs were normal.  Within a week their hair was thickly regrown where the crusty places had been.

Case 4 – A friend of mine was showing a Yorkie that was only a few points short of its title when all of a sudden he started losing all his hair.  Over a period of 6 months this dog underwent the usual series of shots, pills, skin scrapings, all to no avail.  I told her about the Cure.  The dog finished his championship soon after.  However my girlfriend never really believed the Cure was what did it, because she only left it on for one day.

Case 5 – Our 2 ½ pounder (Yorkshire Terrier) got into a scrape with one of our others and suffered a puncture wound on her cheek.  It was not serious so I put some disinfectant on the wound and kept an eye on it for several days.  I soon realised that the wound was not healing, and the surrounding hair was falling out in wads, leaving a bald spot on her face about an inch in diameter. We tried the Cure.  A week later the wound was healed with no scar and a thick pelt of hair was filling the bare spot.  A month later she took challenge bitch.

I could go on with cases like these.  The Cure has never failed.  The Cure puts an end to mange, flea bites, non-specific dermatitis, itchy skin, ant bites, infected wounds, almost anything.  It helps relieve some allergy symptoms.

The amazing Cure is nothing more than a concentrated mixture of yellow sulphur powder (from the Chemist) in vegetable oil which is smeared generously over the inflamed area of the skin.  It stops itching immediately, soothes and softens the skin and goes right to work healing the ailment.  It is easy to administer, although a little bit messy.  If you dog has already lost a lot of hair, the best method is to make a large bowlful of the mixture and then dip the dog in it (this will only work on small dogs obviously!). Let it stay on for 24 hours and then bath him.  You can dab the worst places with a more concentrated (ie paste-like) mixture daily until the skin is completely normal.  For bites and small lesions, dab the infected area with a fingerful of the paste and forget it.  It will be cured almost overnight.

For preventative medicine, inspect your dogs weekly.  Look on their tummies for brownish-red spots the size of a pin head.  We have found this condition very often leads to hair fall-out if left untreated.  Many dogs can live with the “dots-on-the-tum” and are not affected, but many can’t.  Dab some sulphur oil on the dots and they will go away in 48 hours.

The Cure does not smell.  Sulphur in its elemental form has no noticeable odour.  I do not ask that you take my word for the Cure.  I only ask that you try it.  The results will speak for themselves.

Additional Ways of using Precipitated Sulphur

The article “The Cure” has been repeated many years for the benefit of new members. Pharmaceutical quality Olive Oil or Baby Oil and Precipitated Sulphur (Chemist) can be used for spots or lesions of most kinds.  Keep some made up, all it needs is stirring before use.  Use several days running, once or twice daily.  Rub into affected area.  A few days is usually all that is needed.  Signs of healing should be seen within a couple of days.  If the problem does not respond to this treatment, see your vet.  Allergies can be very difficult.

Oil-less mixture

A non greasy sulphur mixture referred to as a disinfectant and coat dressing in very old dog books, works wonders in summer for rashes and hot spots. It can be used if the oily mixture will soil furniture. Shake the bottle well during use as the sulphur will remain on the bottom of the bottle otherwise.

Recipe for Mixture

  • Mix together one quart of methylated spirits.
  • One ounce of camphor
  • Three ounces of Precipitated sulphur
  • Mix together one ounce boracic acid dissolved in one pint of boiling water
  • Allow to cool and then add to sulphur mix
  • Always shake well when transferring from stock bottle. This mix will keep.


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